Kojac’s Sustainability promise

“Waste isn’t waste until we waste it!” – Will. I. Am

At Kojac our mantra is ‘people and planet before profit’. We are working hard to instil ethical principles, sustainable practices and to promote diversity across the business. We approach sustainability with the same care and commitment we have for design, creativity and quality.  

We set out on our sustainability journey hand in hand with employees, customers and the wider fashion and accessories industry. We aim to create meaningful, positive change, so we can continue to meet our customer needs without compromising people, the planet or our products.

Our guiding words are passion, transparency and partnership:


We continue to challenge ourselves to reach ever higher standards of quality, creativity and integrity, investing in a business fit for tomorrow.  


Is how we build trust and integrity across our business – openly sharing our practices and inviting independent review.


Using the collective power of our passionate community of product lovers we support and partner with organizations around the globe that are working towards meaningful positive change and social responsibility.

Experience creating in the fashion industry of possibilities it’s important to pioneer a sustainable future. We are partnered with Flourish CSR sustainability strategy experts, to guide us towards a sustainable business with a positive vision for change.

Health & Safety

Worker health and safety is a top priority for us. We ensure that all workers have safe & clean accommodation, consistent with all applicable laws, and we are constantly providing training & guidance, to guarantee that our production facilities are operated in a responsible way that places the highest priority on health and safety. Our facilities, machinery & equipment are regularly serviced to ensure that we are providing our workers with a safe working environment.

We are aware that simple by creating our products, we are having an impact on people, communities and the planet. Our aim is to make this impact as positive as possible. We are continually looking for ways to educate our global team to ensure we meet all ethical product requirements through all stages of our value chain. We ensure that our factory meets all relevant environmental protection laws and we will strive to continue to reduce the impact our production has on the planet.

Environmental impact

Ethical commitment

We aspire to bring you the best possible product, at the best possible price, while maintaining fair ethical standards across all areas of our production. We can tailor our auditing process for each particular customer, and offer completely transparency at all stages of our design & manufacture process. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us for more information.